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  1. Think about your most preferred sleeping position. Some people sleep primarily on their back, some sleep mainly on their side and others prefer to sleep on their stomach. Knowing which position you tend to sleep in is important for picking the correct pillow.

  2. Choosing your pillow to suit your preferred sleeping position.

    If you are a stomach sleeper you will need a soft, fairly low pillow. Having a low pillow will assist in your allowing your neck to stay more in line with your spine.
    *If you are a back sleeper look for a medium/regular height pillow. You do not want a high pillow as this will push your head too far forward.
    *If you are a side sleeper you will need a high/firm pillow to help support your neck thru your shoulder line. This does not apply if you have a very petite body frame then please look at the regular height pillows.
    *If you find that you are a mixed sleeper and you sleep in a variety of positions throughout the night, look for a pillow that is of medium/regular thickness.

  3. Dyne 12 month adjustment service.

Dyne offers a 12 month adjustment service on your pillow. So if it is too high or too low we can add in or take out to get the right feel for you. There are no labour charges only the cost of the down if we do need to add in. This services hopes to ensure that you will have the Perfect Pillow.


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