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Excellent service and wonderful products
1 years ago.
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Have dealt with Dyne for many years and have always had wonderful service. Dyne Goose down quilts are the best quilt for us. My partner sleeps a lot warmer than I do, so my side of the quilt is made warmer - perfect sleeping for both of us. Dyne will make a quilt to suit you, not the general population and can adjust it is it is not ‘quite right’. Even my dog has a Dyne quilt - he loves his bed! Dyne will make a quilt any size you require, even a round one if necessary. Give them a call, you won’t be sorry.

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1 years ago.
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My wife and I are extremely happy with the winter goose down quilt that we purchased from Dyne. The warmth and quality are exceptional. They are very knowledgeable and helpful when it comes to selecting the right quilt for your needs.
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Supreme warmth
10 months ago.
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Our Dyne 95% Goose down quilt is absolutely fantastic. My wife and I had used flannelette sheets and up to 4 blankets and a second-rate doona before getting this 5 blanket-warmth quilt in 2016. We found it hard to believe that something so lightweight (800gm) could be so unbelievably warm. It is quite extraordinary in what it does. We live in Coffs Harbour, on the mid-north coast of NSW, where the winter room temps drop to about 10 degrees overnight. On these nights we actually can't wait to get into the sack and feel the luxurious warmth of this world-class quilt surrounding us. We sing its praises wherever we go and will continue to do so. Well done to Dyne for making such a great quilt along with an impressive price and service. Fair dinkum it's that good!
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