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Double 90% Wild Muscovy Duck Down Quilt 4 Blanket Warmth - Baffled Channels

Product Code: QDD9010-4CH
Original price: $360.00
Sales price $270.00
Discount -$ 90.00

DYNE 90% Wild Muscovy Duck Down Double Quilt

- 4 Blanket Warmth -

- Channelled -

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Feather & Down Quilts have a unique characteristic of providing lovely warmth with minimal weight and, being a natural product it breathes, absorbing & lifting moisture away from the body - preventing sweaty or clammy build-up while you sleep.

The Dyne Channelled 4 Blanket Warmth Quilt has been designed as a safe, well rounded sleeper -  Suitable for all but the coldest Australian Winters and able to be brushed down and adjusted for the temperate conditions of our Springs, Autumns and some Summer days.

If you sleep a little colder than most or live in cooler zones (eg. Hills regions) try our 5 or 6 blanket warmth options.


- Made here in South Australia by DYNE QUILTS & REJUVENATION -

- Celebrating more than 40 years experience in the Quilt & Pillow Industry! -


Down & Feather is a Natural, Functional & Recyclable product

NATURAL: Our Down & Feather is sourced independently in Europe from Free Range Farms where Ducks and Geese roam free of cages, while temperatures regularly plummet well below freezing. This, in turn, produces very large, mature and insulatory Down and Feathers - All of which are collected, treated and processed so that they are completely chemical and bacteria free, giving you peace of mind as you lay your head.

FUNCTIONAL: Aside from it’s soft feel and excellent insulatory properties, down & feather also naturally breathes, absorbing and drawing moisture and perspiration away from your body, preventing sweaty and clammy build up while you sleep soundly.

RECYCLABLE: Feather & Down can give you literally a Lifetime of support due to it’s natural properties & applications. It can be a wholly recyclable and sound investment with the correct rejuvenation and care.



SIZE: Double 180cm x 210cm

FILL TYPE: 800gms of Half white 90% Wild Muscovy Duck Down/10% Small Duck Feather. A high quality Russian Duck Down with a FILL POWER of 700.

WARMTH RATING: 4 Blanket Warmth



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