Dyne Exclusive Collection

With the DYNE Exclusive Collection we bring together our finest products and Exclusive Care service, giving you everything you need to enjoy a refreshingly soft and snug sleep.

Imported Polish Goose Down: Our goose down is independently sourced by our agent in Poland and is considered one of the best sources in the world. Here Geese are reared on open range farms where temperatures regularly plummet below freezing, producing large, mature, extremely high insulatory warmth downs. Every 50 grams of quality down has approximately 4 million fluffy filaments that interlock and overlap to form a protective layer of 'still air' that locks warmth in and keeps cold out.

Our Goose down is guaranteed to be treated at a minimum core temperature of 130 celcius without the use of any chemicals. This temperature ensures that any bacteria is thoroughly eliminated. It is then tested for fill power in a climate controlled area to ensure the analysis results are to international standards.

Quality Downbatiste Cotton Fabric: Our high quality down proof fabric is woven by one of the top houses in Austria with over 130 years experience in the textile industry. The cotton is guaranteed to be sourced from controlled organic cultivation, free from chemicals during throughout the planting, cultivation and weaving processes. Superior down batiste and Egyptian cotton yarn is finished specially to ensure the luxurious appearance and silky feel of the fabric. Our Down batiste is guaranteed with International OEKOTEX certification.

High quality downproof fabric is tightly woven to stop feather and down escaping through the casing, while also stopping dust and dustmite from penetrating the case. This unique fabric has also been infused with Aloe Vera extract which aids in the faster absorbtion and dispersion of moisture and ensures a constant temperature is maintained. Many of the Aloe Vera plants properties also contribute to the renewal of skin, inhibit inflammation and have an anti-allergic effect. The resulting product breathes extremely well, is incredibly soft to touch, quiet when bunched and allergy safe.

Complimentary 1st Rejuvenation or clean: We invite you to experience your initial rejuvenation with DYNE at no charge. Rejuvenation is a 7-stage sterilising, sorting, drying and renewing process using our Lorch D56 Autoclave Machine, it is quite simply the best and only truly effective method to clean and revitalise Down and Feather. (*Square Boxed Quilts will receive a standard wash process only due to their design*)

12 Month Adjustment Service: We understand that selecting your perfect quilt, pillow or bedding can be a difficult and daunting process, additionally our sleeping requirements and environments do change from time to time. Rest assured because with the DYNE 12 Month Adjustment Service we will happily alter your quilt, pillow or bedding to suit your requirements. Whether it be removing fill to reduce warmth, adding fill to increase warmth, or differentially filling a quilt - we will not charge you for our time and labour (*the only cost would be the raw cost of additional fill*).

10 Year Structural Guarantee: At DYNE we stand behind (and sleep under) the materials we choose to source, the quality of our production and the first class product that we create. We guarantee that your product will be free of any structural defects resulting from the manufacturing process, or through fair wear and tear (*does not apply if correct care and storage instructions are not followed)

The Ultimate in DYNE bedding - tailored and customised to your own induvidual requirements that will last a lifetime.